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Agricultural machinery maintenance should pay attention to the 14 matters

Can not correctly determine the analysis of the fault, the phenomenon of blind large dumping commonplace

Some maintenance personnel due to the structure of agricultural machinery, the principle is not clear, do not seriously analyze the causes of failure, can not accurately determine the fault location, with "probably, almost" thinking blindly on the mechanical demolition, the results not only the original failure is not ruled out, and Due to poor maintenance skills and technology, there are new problems. Therefore, when the agricultural machinery failure, through the detection equipment for testing, such as no testing equipment, through the "ask, see, check, test" and other traditional methods of failure to determine the combination of agricultural machinery structure and working principle, Identify the most likely site of failure. In the determination of agricultural machinery failure, the commonly used "rule" and "comparison method", in accordance with from simple to complex, first appearance after the internal, first assembly and then the order of components, avoid "indiscriminate, blind large demolition "

Bolt tightening method is not serious

Most of the agricultural machinery parts or bolts have tightening torque requirements, such as injector fixing bolts, cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, etc., some provisions of the tightening torque, some provisions of the tightening angle, but also provides a tightening order. Some maintenance personnel, that tighten the bolt who will do, does not matter, not according to the provisions of the torque and order of tightening (some do not understand the tightening torque and order requirements), do not use torque (kg) wrench, or free to use the force bar, With the feeling of tightening, resulting in a great difference between tightening torque. The torque is too large, the bolt is easy to stretch deformation, and even break, and sometimes damage the screw hole, affecting the quality of repair. Therefore, in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, must be in accordance with the provisions of the torque and order to tighten the bolts to prevent the bolt tightening torque is too large, too small or inaccurate and lead to mechanical failure.

Do not attach importance to the choice of bolts, bolts use the phenomenon of chaos is more prominent

In the maintenance of agricultural machinery, the phenomenon of chaos with the bolt is also more prominent, because the bolt performance, quality does not meet the technical requirements, resulting in mechanical failure after repair frequency. Agricultural machinery used special bolts, such as drive shaft bolts, cylinder head bolts, connecting rod bolts, flywheel bolts, fuel injectors fixed bolts are made of special materials made by special processing, its strength, strong shear resistance, To ensure that the connection, fixed and reliable. In the actual maintenance work, some maintenance personnel found that these bolts damaged or missing, the moment can not find the standard bolts, and some random access to other bolts instead, some self-processing alternative, the bolt due to poor material or processing technology failed, to The late use of agricultural machinery to leave hidden trouble. Some parts need to use the "small pitch" of the "fine buckle self-tightening" bolts, copper bolts, copper bolts, but the use of ordinary bolts instead, resulting in the emergence of bolts loose, difficult to remove the phenomenon; some bolts after use Stretching, deformation and other defects, some technical requirements after the disassembly must be replaced several times after the new bolt, because maintenance personnel do not understand these situations, repeated use of unqualified bolts, but also lead to mechanical failure or accident occurred. Therefore, in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, when the bolt is damaged or lost in time to replace the requirements of the bolt, do not indiscriminate use of bolts.

Do not pay attention to the detection of parts with a gap between the number of phenomena

Diesel engine piston and cylinder with the gap, the piston ring "three-slot", piston head gap, valve clearance, plunger clearance, brake shoe gap, the main drive gear meshing gap, bearing axial and radial clearance, And valve with the gap, etc., all types of models have strict requirements in the maintenance must be measured, do not meet the gap requirements of the parts to be adjusted or replaced. In the actual maintenance work, do not measure the gap with the blind assembly of parts of the phenomenon of a large number, resulting in early wear or ablation bearing, diesel engine oil, starting difficulties or deflagration, piston ring break, mechanical impact, oil, And other failures, and sometimes even due to improper parts with the gap, resulting in serious damage to the accident occurred.

Do not pay attention to the accessories model, accessories replacement or misuse of the phenomenon is more common

In the maintenance of agricultural machinery, accessories replacement or misuse of the phenomenon is still more common, some accessories emergency substitutions are feasible, but the use of long time is harmful, affecting the safety and technical performance of the machine. Some maintenance personnel on the mechanical structure, the principle of understanding less, many parts of the model does not match, but that can be installed as long as the line, do not consider whether the mechanical performance can play. Therefore, in the maintenance of agricultural machinery, should try to use the original model of the accessories, not other models of alternative accessories, but can not be wrong.

Blindly replace parts, blindly "for repair" phenomenon to varying degrees

Agricultural machinery failure to determine and exclude some of the more difficult, and some maintenance personnel have always used a change of the test method, regardless of small pieces, as long as that may lead to failure of the parts, a replacement test, the results not only failed, The parts should not be replaced at random, and increase the cost of agricultural households. And some faulty parts can be repaired through the restoration of its technical performance, do not need complex repair process can be repaired, but the maintenance staff asked the user to replace the new pieces, blindly take "repair parts" approach, resulting in serious waste. The above-mentioned blind change test and blindly replace the repairable parts of the practice in some repair units also exist to varying degrees. In the maintenance, should be based on the phenomenon of serious analysis to determine the cause and location of the fault, to repair the parts to be repaired to restore technical performance, to eliminate the blind replacement parts of the practice.

Do not check the quality of new pieces, the problem of assembly after the fault is more common

In the replacement parts, some maintenance personnel on the new parts do not do technical checks, brought directly after the installation of agricultural machinery, this approach is unscientific. Currently on the market for the sale of agricultural machinery spare parts of the quality of good and bad, some fake and shoddy accessories fish mixed; there are some accessories due to inventory time is too long, performance changes, such as without detection, after assembly often cause failure. In the replacement of new accessories must be carried out before the necessary inspection and testing, including the appearance and performance testing to ensure that the new accessories without failure, to prevent unnecessary trouble caused by it.