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Some common pitfalls in agricultural operation

1. Start the clutch

When the locomotive starts, slowly release the clutch pedal and increase the throttle. Otherwise, will cause the clutch assembly and transmission of the impact, or even damage.

2. Long-term pedal clutch pedal

Some players in the locomotive driving habits will be pedaling in the clutch pedal, the harm is that in the uneven road on the road, the locomotive with the vibration. This will make the clutch in a semi-combined state, affecting the engine power transmission, aggravate the clutch friction plate wear.

3. Start the engine with inertia

Some of the drivers by hanging high-speed clutch off the clutch glide, high speed when the clutch by the inertia of the vehicle to start the engine. This is very easy to damage the transmission system of the parts, but also because of excessive load impact engine, very unsafe.

4. Throttle instead of speaker

Some drivers driving pedestrians encountered this time, not according to trumpet trumpet, but with the throttle of the way to make pedestrians make way, this will make the engine exhaust smoke, pollute the environment, suddenly increase the speed increase, such as mechanical wear , But also easily lead to traffic accidents.

5. The vehicle does not pick up the taxi

When the vehicle taxi does not use the neutral slip, but the shift lever on the high-speed position, the use of clutch to cut off the engine with the drive, so that the vehicle taxi. This makes the clutch release bearing wear aggravated, downhill for a long time to step off the clutch slide is safe operating procedures are not allowed.

6. After the start and stop before the throttle throttle

Diesel car compression ratio is greater than the gasoline vehicle, suddenly increase or decrease the throttle easily lead to connecting rod and crankshaft deformation or break, increase the cylinder piston coke, accelerate the wear of moving parts.

7. Hit the original steering wheel

Some drivers in order to turn the locomotive in place, used to use the ground when the ground to stop playing the steering wheel approach, so that both violations of the operating procedures, and easy to damage the various parts of the steering mechanism.